School of Materials Design and Engineering

School of Materials Designing and Engineering (MDE) is the earliest established school in Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology (BIFT). At present, three specialties are offered to undergraduates, including Polymer Materials and Engineering, Applied Chemistry and Textile Chemistry, of which Polymer Materials and Engineering and Textile Chemistry were honored to be National Specialties of Characteristics. As well, MSE enrolls graduate students in four disciplines: Textile Materials, Textile Chemistry and Dyeing & Finishing Engineering, Textile and Apparel Engineering and Chemical Engineering, in which Textile Chemistry and Dyeing & Finishing Engineering, Textile and Apparel Engineering are Beijing key construction disciplines.

Currently the department has 60 faculty members of, including45 full-time teachers, among whom 10 professors, 4 Ph.D supervisors, 27 Master student’s advisor. 1 teacher entitled to special government allowances provided by the state council,1 teacher entitled tothe national outstanding scientific and technological workers 2candidates of Beijing hundreds and thousands talents projects,2 teachers have been awarded the status of “Beijing hundreds Pacesetters Projects in Science and Technology”, 2 teachers were listed the “best talents of the new century”, an award sponsored by the Education Ministry. 1 qualifier of the Great wall scholar project, 2 teachers have been awarded the status of “ High Level Talents in Beijing Higher Educational Institute”. 3 teachers have been awarded the status of “Top-notch Innovative Talents”, 5 teachers have been awarded the status of “Beijing New star” in science and technology, 1 teacher has been awarded the national "March 8 Red-Banner Holder",1 teacher has been awarded as distinguished contribution to the National Chemical Fiber Industry "twelfth five-year", 1 teacher has been awarded the status of Outstanding Young Intellectuals, 1 teacher has been awarded Beijing Youth Talents status, The Good teacher status, the Distinguished Contributors in Science, Technology, Management, The status of Good Worker in Beijing City, the Education Pioneer in Beijing, Famous Teacher in Beijing and a Good instructor and virtue pacesetter status have been awarded to the teachers individually in the school, and 2 teachers have been awarded the virtue pacesetter status in Beijing. Now we have two municipal research teams. The staff members of our school are very talented, having rich teaching experience, having made numerous achievements in both teaching and scientific research, and have gained the National Scientific and Technological Progress second prize three times, and have been awarded the first prize in China Textile Industry Association of Science and Technology Progress, and many other provincial awards have been given.

We have National Textile Talent Training Base, "research and development of clothing materials and assessment " of the Beijing municipal key laboratory, "Textile Nanofiber Engineering Technology Research Center of Beijing", "clothing materials and engineering national experimental teaching demonstration center", which provides guarantee for the cultivation of graduate and undergraduates, the college scientific research and social services.