School of Language and Culture

To adhere to the principle of combining foreign language teaching with fashion culture study, to develop on the basis of high quality and distinguished features.

School of Language and Culture named as the Foreign Language Department of Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology before 2016. It has one undergraduate program that offers a Bachelor’s Degree in English for Business English and Study of Comparative Study of Chinese and Foreign Ethnic Costumes graduate programs. The total enrollment is 230 undergraduates and 18 graduates. In the process of business English undergraduate teaching, the five basic English abilities have been focused on to help the students build up the solid foundation for their further study, and the fashion business has become their advantages at the same time; for the graduate programs, the cross cultural communication strategies have been paid more attention to in our teaching, and the comprehensive, comparative study of Chinese and Foreign Ethnic Costumes has been given from different aspects, such as fashion culture study, fashion culture translation study, fashion culture linguistic study, and Chinese and Foreign Fashion Cultures Comparative Study, which make it become one of the most characteristic and fruitful graduate study programs making full use of the institution’s fashion features in cross- culture communication teaching in China. Our school has established eight language laboratories; one simultaneous interpretation-training lab and a foreign language library.

Currently the department has a faculty of 42, including 37 full-time teachers, among whom 4 are professors and 17 associate professors, 35 are Master or Doctoral degree holders, and 8 are post-graduate student supervisors. Most teachers have graduated from famous universities in China and more than 70% of them have ever studied abroad, they are responsible for the teaching of English from major students to non-English majors students, including other departments and the Continuing Education School in BIFT, especially for the undergraduate and graduate students’ English study. Till now among the 42 teachers, 21 of them have been honored as the Excellent Teacher in Beijing City, awarded as the “Fang zhi zhi guang” or “Sang Ma” from the textile and apparel industry or Hong kong organization, or the Distinguished Teacher in BIFT and so on. Especially for our staff member Li Aojun was awarded the first prize, in the 9th Beijing Young Teacher basic teaching Skill Contest of History and Literature Group, and covered all the single awards: The Best Lesson Plan, the Best demonstration and the Most Popular Teacher, In the same year, she received the second prize in the 6th SFLEP National Foreign Language Teaching Contest of Business Group, representing Beijing.

We almost attach the same importance of Language teaching as the academic research on language and culture, and even the teachers development. In addition to being responsible for departmental instruction and their respective research duties, our teachers have dedicated themselves to various research projects. In recent years, we have committed themselves to more than 100 research subjects from the national, Provincial levels to the BIFT support projects; and all these projects focus on After so many years hard work, we have published nearly 500 research papers and articles in academic journals; and compiled or translated more than 50 books with distinguishing features. At the same time, the stuff member have contributed a lot for international conferences held in BIFT, and even the translation work for the collections of Ethnic Costumes Center at the same time, who are just trying to tell Chinese fashion story in much proper way to fit the foreigners taste.

In addition to classroom teaching, our teachers have participated in the direction to the students after-class activities. With their hard work, our students have been awarded more than 50 prizes in many competitions, such as the national college students’ English competition, Model United Nations Competition, Beijing college students English speech contest, “FLTRP Cup” English Public Speaking Contest ” ,“FLTRP Cup” English Writing Contest and so on, which ranked us among the best in the same level Art universities in China.