School of Information Engineering

School of Information Engineering (SIE), founded in 1979,now offers three four-year specialties at undergraduate level: Automation, Electronic Information Engineering and Digital Media Technology. SIE also offers a Master’s degree in Mechatronic Engineering, recruiting postgraduates for electromechanical system control and its automation, signal processing and intelligent system, pattern recognition and graphic &image technology, and other relevant specialties. The school has 23 high-quality full-time teachers, among whom 60.9% are professors or associate professors, 21.7% hold doctoral degree, 95.7% of them have master or doctoral degree and 56.5% are post-graduate student supervisors.

Over the years, SIE has continuously been furthering the reform in teaching and research, focusing on the discipline construction and scientific research. By now, it has achieved a series of achievements in teaching and scientific research and has won a number of national, provincial and ministerial level awards. SIE attaches great importance to the transformation and construction of laboratories which has reached domestic advanced levels in hardware conditions, and 3 of them are coconstructed with famous foreign companies. At the same time, SIE nurtures the cultivation of students' innovative thinking and practical ability, introduces the advanced technology into undergraduate teaching and applies practical teaching to every aspect of talent development, and has realized a number of educational achievements. Since 1993, school has organized and trained students to participate in every National College Student Electronic Competition and Beijing College Student Electronic Competition, and has achieved good results. Some students have won the second prize in the nationwide competition area and the first or second prize in Beijing competition area. In recent 5 years, the graduate employment rate of SIE is higher than the average, and graduate job-signing rate is at the top of the list in BIFT.