School of Fine Arts

Founded in 2000, formerly known as the Department of Plastic Arts, the School of Fine Arts has five Teaching-research Offices: Oil Painting, Traditional Chinese Painting,Decorative Sculpture, Public Art, and Design Basic. We have four majors for Bachelor’s Degree students: Oil Painting, Traditional Chinese Painting, Decorative Sculpture, and Public Art. Two disciplines are offered for Master’s Degree students: Fine Arts and Arts. We are also responsible for the teaching of the basic courses for all the students in our institute: design basic and modeling basic.

The School of Fine Arts is finely staffed. Currently we have a faculty of 40, including 35 full-time teachers. Among these teachers are 7 professors, 10 associate professors, 18 lecturers and 16 post-graduate student supervisors. The School of Fine Arts adheres to the principle of BIFT teaching characteristics, paying more attention to cultivating students’ abilities in humanistic quality, plastic arts skills, and creative thinking. Centering on the talents cultivation, social services, artistic innovation and cultural inheritance, we have developed the academic ideas of “Art, Heritage and Culture”. Focusing on the education and teaching quality, we constantly improve the schooling level.