School of Fashion Communication

Within fast growing economy, fashion has become one of the most promising industries in China.  In order to build up a distinctive fashion leading University, BIFT has integrated various academic disciplines and set up a brand new School of Fashion Communication in 2016.  The School of Fashion Communication is committed to master the advantages of professionalism, build around the modern lifestyle, design, media education and scientific research, and actively spread fashion to the public.

The School has 27 lecturers, including 9 associate professors, 24 lecturers with master degrees, and many of them have overseas study background. At the same time, the School actively employs industry professionals and overseas experts as part-time lecturers. There are four academic departments including Fashion Communication, Fashion performance, Fashion Photography and Advertising. They focus on different directions on fashion media to conduct in-depth study of the fashion industry, such as culture, and audience.

The School of Fashion Communication has established a cooperative training plan with various famous international universities, such as the "Double training Program"with Tsinghua Academy and the Central Academy of Fine Arts, the "External training Program” with the University of the Arts London, Milan Polytechnic University and the University of Harova in Spain. Also it has extensive contacts with Goldsmiths, University of London, Savannah College of Arts and Design etc.In practice teaching links, the College established practice bases with institutions in different fashion area, also achieve strategic cooperation with other related Fashion companies, including Trends Group, Youku, Phoenix Satellite Television, China Bentley Culture Development, Longteng Model Agency, New Silk Road Model Agency, Canon, Epson and Vision China.

The related academic departments have undertaken Beijing International Fashion Week and Beijing International Design Week frequently, planning and promoting activities; participating in the Beijing Olympic Games advertising, television programs and the Olympic clothing shooting, "APEC" conference services, "Formula 1 racing contest" etiquette selection and training, Chinese and French cultural clothing show, "Asia-Pacific Weeks Berlin" and numbers of major events. In recent years, students have won more than 200 awards in different areas, such as ONESHOW advertising contest first prize, National Student’s Advertising Contest second prize, Young Creative Awards with excellence, CCTV Model Contest champion, New Silk Road World Model Contest Champion, Elite China Model Contest Champion, Star of Model China Contest Champion etc.