School of Business

Founded in 1985, the School of Business consists of undergraduate programs, including International Economics and Trade (Trade and Finance), Accounting (Direction of Certified Public Accountant), Marketing(Fashion Brand Management、Fashion Buyer), Business Administration(Corporate Retail Management), Information Management and Information Systems(Direction of Data Analyst). Under the programs of Business Administration and International Business the School could offer graduate degree programs. Dual-bachelor programs can also be found under the departments of International Economics and Trade and Marketing(Fashion and Luxury Management). In addition to the comprehensive undergraduate and graduate education system, the School has also formed fruitful cross-school partnerships with colleges and universities abroad.

There are 51 full-time teachers based in the Business School, among which 32 of them (63%) are either professors or associate professors, 96% of whom hold master degree or above. The fact that most of the faculty members have studied abroad help boost the open perspective and diversity of the Business School.

Various research labs have been established in the Business School focusing on disciplines such as ERP, Finance Simulation Tools, ERP Sand Table Simulation, Basics to Digital Marketing, Fashion Brand Market Monitoring, Psychology of Fashion Consumption, Accounting Manual Simulation, Integrated Logistics Management, Economics and Management, as well as International Trade Practices.

The School has also set up eight research and training institutions to foster closer links with the business world. Facilities such as Research Center of  Capital Garment Culture and Industry, Institute of innovation and Entrepreneurship, Fashion Marketing Institute, Fashion Brand Promotion Centre, Fashion Managers Training Centre, North China Belle School of Business, the Research and Training Center for Fashion Online Marketing, and Septwolves-branded School of Management. The multi-award winning faculty of the School has completed over 100 projects on international, national, and provincial levels and they have published hundreds of professional papers and nearly 100 text books or academic works in the recent years. The students of the School have also won many prizes in various areas demonstrating their multi-faceted talents apart from studying.