School of Art and Design

The School of Art and Design is Founded in the year 1988. After nearly 30 years of professional growth and structural optimization, the School of Art and Design now offers three majors in Visual Communication, Environmental Design and New Media (Specialized in Digital Media Art and Animation ) , which admits undergraduate and postgraduate students all around the country. Within our 51 full-time staff members,22 are professors or associate professors. More than 20 staff members have overseas educational background.25 experienced  professionals are invited to be the postgraduate supervisors from the industry. The school of Art and Design is emphasizes on the integration between academic teaching, scientific research and social service. Since 2014, the school of Art & Design has founded a new course in Integrated Design.

With the guidance of the concept of “Connotation Development and Characteristic Construction”, the School of Art and Design has spared no efforts to explore the rules of Art and Design education; implement the managerial principle of combining art design and science & technology, modern design and national & folk cultural tradition, and fashion design and cultural industry; and actively create an open and integrated teaching environment, thus trying to break down the barriers between different majors, maximize the utilization of its teaching resources and cultivate advanced application-oriented professionals with integrated knowledge of art and technology.

The School of Art and Design suited variety studios and labs, which included  Multimedia Theatre, Motion-Capture System, Usability Lab, Interaction Hardware and Video Editing Lab, Wood Craft Lab, Typography and Type Design lab, Digital Output, Stop Motion shooting studio. The School of Art and Design has one municipal key laboratory: Digital and Interactive Media Lab, one innovative team supported by Beijing Municipal Government, namely the Team for Innovating the Integrated System of Fashion Forecasting (Trend Prediction) More than 10 scientific research teams have been formed, such as the " Team for Innovating Creative Design and Fashion Management ", "Team for Digitalizing the Advertisement of Intangible Cultural Heritage "etc. We also undertook the national cultural and technological innovation project within the framework of the National Science and Technology Support Program as part of the twelfth “Five-Year Plan”, such as the project of digitalizing public service system for preserving Guangxi ethnic costume cultural heritage and promoting cultural tourism industry among other high level scientific research projects. The school ever hosted the "2015 Forum of Wearable Technology", the "2015 Forum of Business Intelligence and Creative Industry Development", "2016 TXD International Lifestyle Conference", "2015 Big Data and Design Industry Forum", "National Advertisement Contest for College Students" and other national academic events. The school strives to strengthen international exchanges and cooperation by visiting scholar program, exchange student program, and joint workshops, etc. At present, we have established academic exchange relationship with more than 40 colleges and universities from North America, Europe, Australia and Asia.

The students in our school have achieved excellent records in more than 30 national and international contests, such as the Golden Award in National Fine Arts Exhibition, Taiwan Golden Calf Prize, the One Show China Contest, National Advertisement Contest of University Students, CCTV Decorative Design Contest, etc. Our graduates hold the spirit of pioneering and innovation, with the well performance in industry and enterprise, has made a positive contribution to society.