Graduate school

Authorized by the academic Degree Committee of the State Council, BIFT was approved one of the second batch units with master's degree granting rights in 1984, opened its graduate school in 1994 and developed into a Graduate school in 2015. Since 2004,it began to recruit foreign students in and obtained qualification to recruit graduate students from abroad, and started to recruit students from Hong kong, Macao, and Taiwan in 2005. In 2012, BIFT was approved the doctoral training project for national special needs, now there are 347 graduate supervisors (including 12 Ph.D supervisors) and more than 1000 students(PH.D or Master degree pursuits as full time or part time)in various disciplines.

The school offers 1 Ph.D research program on Design Theory and 8 first-level master disciplines, such as Art Theory, Fine Arts, Design Theory, Mechatronic Engineering, Material science and Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Technology, Textile Technology and Engineering and Business Administration. Besides that, there is also one second-level master discipline, and 2 authorized units of professional degree master with 70 research direction in various domains.