Chinese Academy of Clothing Science and Technology

Chinese Academy of Clothing Science and Technology is an integrated applied science research institution in the clothing and accessory field of China. It is affiliated to Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology. The academy, taking "construction of a first-class clothing and accessories research institution" as its development goal and "integration and development of advanced technology in apparel industry" as its disciplinary orientation, centered on the development of science and technology and the strategic needs of apparel industry, relying on the characteristic scientific research strength and disciplinary advantages of BIFT, devotes itself to build a comprehensive clothing science and technology platform for industry, education and research.

The academy has 5 research centers and 1 experimental base. They are Clothing Safety Testing Center, Clothing Digital Research Center, Military-Civilian Functional Clothing Innovation Research Center, Intelligent Manufacturing Center, Science and Technology Achievement Transformation Center and BIFT R&D Experimental Base of Capital Science and Technology Condition Platform.

Clothing Safety Testing Center is mainly engaged in the research, testing and evaluation of clothing materials. Its testing range covers 26 items specified in the national textile product basic safety technical specifications and textile physical and functional properties, involving dyeing and finishing, textile chemistry, textile engineering, chemical fibers and polymer materials.

Clothing Digital Research Center has two research labs: Smart Clothing Research Lab and Clothing Digital Research Lab. The first lab works on the basic R&D of wearable devices as well as the industrialization of its research. The second lab is devoted to the research and application of 3D digital technology.

Military-Civilian Functional Clothing Innovation Research Center devotes itself to the R&D of core technology for the special functional clothing to meet the military and civilian needs for new technology and  new products.