Research Center of Capital Garment Culture and Industry, Beijing Philosophy and Social Science

Relying on Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, the Research Center of Capital Garment Culture and Industry which was founded in September 2004 is now one of the first batches of Beijing philosophy and social science research base that was jointly established by Beijing Philosophy and Social Science and Beijing Municipal Education Commission.

Since its establishment, the research base has established a very good scientific research environment and research conditions in line with the principle of “open, mobile, joint and competitive”. The orientation of the research base is devoting itself to building a large scientific research base for China’s apparel culture and clothing industry. Closely around the implementation of the main line of the cultivation of high-grade, precision and advanced products and the "three cultivation strategy", the research base is now striving to enhance its professional ability in creative design, brand communication, brand protection and  brand culture etc. Tightly around the four major research directions such as clothing culture, clothing industry, Beijing fashion capital construction, cultural and creative industries and also with the development of the times and the development of capital construction, the research is now expanding the scope of the study and increasing the research of fashion industry. The research base is now committed to building itself into a domestic first-class and internationally influential research base in the world. The research base will focus on the major theoretical issues and practical issues in the process of Beijing garment industry and the fashion industry and will provide theoretical services and intellectual support for the municipal party committee and municipal government’s scientific decisions. The research base will serve the economic construction and social development of the capital and contribute to the transformation of the garment industry to "China's creation".

For more than ten years, with the joint efforts of the academic research team, a series of innovative research results have been achieved. The research base undertakes nearly 100 international cooperation, national, provincial and ministerial research projects and also undertakes the design, planning and service project for the government, industry and enterprises. The research base has undertaken hundreds of design, planning and service projects of government, industry and enterprise and has compiled more than 10 items of clothing industry development plans for Beijing, Shanxi and other regions. The research base has finished dozens of policy proposals for the government and the industry, and has compiled the white paper on the development of Beijing's clothing industry for 10 consecutive years. The research base published hundreds of papers and published more than 100 monographs and textbooks. Through the research projects, the research base cultivates a group of dedicated, professional, proficient academic backbone who have a certain influence in China and the world. The research base has initially formed a reasonable structure, unity and cooperation, innovative research team.

In addition, as the carrier of the government and enterprises, the research base takes the social and economic development of the capital as its own responsibility, and also brings together and fully tap the high-quality resources of all sides. Service to Beijing garment enterprises is one of the positioning of the research base. The research base takes “self-cultivation” as its training concept and carries various forms of training activities for Beijing garment enterprises. The research base not only teaches management knowledge, but more importantly carries on the inheritance of social responsibility, so that the Beijing clothing enterprise could make sustainable progress toward "faster, higher, stronger" target.

The research base was ranked as the “excellent” research base of Beijing Philosophy and Social Sciences in process of the acceptance carried by the relevant departments of Beijing in 2007, 2010 and 2013. In 2009, the research base was named the "advanced group of capital education pioneer" by Beijing education union". By the end of 2016, the research base was selected as the first source think tank of the China think tank index (CTTI). After more than ten years of construction, the Research Center of Capital Garment Culture and Industry has always been targeting towards the domestic first-class and internationally influential research center of garment culture and industry.

Transnational scientific research cooperation projects carried by the research with the University of Cambridge, the University of North Carolina, the Aarhus University in Denmark and other five well-known universities around the world.

In 2009, the research base was named the "advanced group of capital education pioneer" by Beijing Education Union".Research base was continuously awarded the excellent research base by Beijing Philosophy and Social Sciences in the year from 2004 to 2017.Undertake 2016 Beijing fashion summit forum.Undertake 2017 China Fashion customization summit forum.