National Research Center for School Uniform

National Research Center for School Uniform (NRCSU) is founded based in Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology (BIFT) under Ministry of Education’s leading team of Education Equipment, as an education equipment cooperative and innovative research institution. The foundation of NRCSU relies on BIFT’s professional design, research and development and resources, and combines its researching power in fashion design, research on apparel culture, safety monitoring of textiles, apparel materials, human engineering and garment processing technology etc., to establish the database for the physical shapes of China’s primary and secondary school students and patterns of school uniforms; system of school uniform design; and standardization of testing on school uniforms.

NRCSU adheres to the idea of “wear garments to convey morality and cultivate one’s moral character”, and from the perspective of clothes to highlight school uniforms’ functions of improving one’s spiritual and physical strengths. The school uniforms are serving as an identification for students, at the same time, it can be given more cultural meanings, and made into a conveyor of honor and acknowledgement. It also crucial for building up nation’s and schools’ historical and cultural image.

NRCSU is aimed at prompting the development of China’s school uniform cause, actively creating a service platform with the combination of governmental resources, educational institutions, and the sectors related to testing and distribution of school uniforms, assisting certain departments to build a strict regulation on the processing of school uniforms and the supply of materials, securing the safeness of school uniforms and the healthy and orderly development of the industry of school uniforms.

Principal Responsibilities.

1.Build a public service platform with the integration of resources.

2.Basic research into school uniforms: standard of safety technology, physical shapes and sport physiology, materials, structure, technology, and recycling.

3.Conduct research into the culture of school uniforms and research & design.

4.Sponsor academic exchanges and exhibitions.

Positioning and Purposes (NRCSU is an academic institution working on scientific researches).

1.Become a trusting support for all supervising departments in school uniforms.

2.Provide intellectual assistance for the supply chains of school uniforms.

3.Serve as an adviser for primary and secondary schools’ cultural development in school uniforms.