China Academy of Fashion

China academy of fashion is the research institution of Beijing institute of fashion technology(BIFT) which is the China's first fashion colleges and universities, aims to “leading the field of fashion research, service fashion industry development, building a platform for fashion exchanges and cooperation, to create fashion high-end think tank”,by the effective combination of academic research, personnel training and industry practice. The academy continues to explore the development mechanism, actively promote the integration of industry and academia in the field of development to construct international fashion field of scientific research and high ground and data center.

School & Departments. BIFT is one of china’s oldest fashion universities. Since 1959, the institute’s  motto has been “combination art and engineering technology” gives the institute its special flavor, fashion design and engineering, art design and engineering, fashion management and other fashion disciplines have distinctive features formed a complete fashion teaching and research system. In 2016,BIFT was rated as the best fashion university in China by the 《Business of fashion》, ranking the forefront of undergraduate courses in the global fashion education institutions, the "best long-term value" international ranked second in postgraduate.

China academy of fashion is composed by the Fashion China Research Center, the International Fashion Research Center, Fashion Statistics and Data Center under the leadership of BIFT. Relying on Beijing key Construction of (art and technology, clothing and apparel design, visual communication design) for teaching and research, and actively organize a series of international professional frontier lectures, and actively promote cross-disciplinary integration, broaden international horizon, cultivate a comprehensive quality of high-end talent.