Beijing Clothing Technology Transfer Center

Beijing Clothing Technology Transfer Center is one of the 9 technology transfer centers approved by Beijing Education Committee and Administration of Industry and Commerce. The center relies on Beijing institute of fashion technology, and the main cooperative organizations include Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University, College of Art & Design, Beijing University of Technology, Beijing Aimer Lingerie Co. Ltd., Beijing white collar fashion Co. Ltd., Beijing Bronze Ox group and Beijing EVE de UOMO garments Co. Ltd., etc. The center mainly researches and publishes the international fashion trend and brand dynamic, researches on Beijing clothing industry, organizes communication and transfer of scientific and technical achievements of textile and clothing, and clothing design, technology, marketing training and consulting work, combining the characteristics of Beijing clothing industry.

The center aims to build the" fashion capital" and the development of cultural and creative industries around Beijing, give full play to the disciplines and talents advantages of university in the field of clothing design and technology, promote the cooperation of industry, learning and research and the transformation of clothing design and technical achievements, promote the adjustment and upgrading of Beijing clothing industry structure, focus on the important issues facing Beijing clothing industry and enterprises under the background of globalization, promote Beijing clothing enterprises and brand innovation, design and development and comprehensive competitiveness, make due contribution to the construction of  Beijing cultural city and " fashion capital".