Beijing Key Laboratory of Clothing Materials R&D and Assessment

Beijing Key Laboratory of Clothing Materials R&D and Assessment (hereinafter referred to as “CMA Laboratory”) was established and approved by Beijing Municipal Education Commission and Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission in 2001. CMA Laboratory is a comprehensive research organization which is mainly engaged in the research of new chemical fiber, textile fabrics, dyeing and finishing technology, textile auxiliaries as well as other research lines. In accordance with the requirements of Beijing Municipal Education Commission, the principal rule of the laboratory is “Open, Mobility, Cooperation, Competition”, aiming at building a good environment of scientific research and experimental platform, and striving to develop a scientific research and high-level talent training center, academic exchange center as well as technology innovation center in Beijing; CMA Laboratory also strives to be one demonstration base with high level of academic research and administration in Beijing.

CMA Laboratory is equipped with some large-scale experimental equipments, such as melt spinning machine, electrospinning machine, FDY high speed spinning machine, air spinning machine, computer flat knitting machine, computer woven proof machine, folding type respirator machine, TSI particle filtration efficiency detector, presser, et al. Ultraviolet spectrophotometer, microcomputer control electron universal testing machine, contact angle meter, laser light scattering spectrometer, particle size analyzer, high-precision battery tester, electrochemical and other equipment are also equipped. Meanwhile, CMA Laboratory shares the equipments with the School of the Material Science and Engineering, which can enable to cover the whole process from basic chemical raw materials to the fabric and garment.

In recent years, CMA Laboratory has undertaken and participated in more than 100 projects such as National 973, 863, National Key Technology R&D Program, National Natural Science Foundation, Beijing Natural Science Foundation, Beijing Municipal Education Commission and related enterprises. Based on this platform, annual expenditure of several hundred thousand CNY was set up to support the open research topics in the relative research lines. Good scientific research results were achieved.

CMA Laboratory has built up good cooperation with other universities, research institution, industry associations and companies. With the perspective of highlighting the characteristics of clothing, the clothing materials were investigated comprehensively. Based on the results, new materials would be developed and their properties were evaluated systemically. CMA Laboratory encourages the multidiscipline’s cooperation in order to develop a newly comprehensive model from fiber material to clothing products, and accelerate the technology transfer to the industry.