Beijing Engineering Research Center of Textile Nanofiber

Beijing Engineering Research Center of Textile Nanofiber (hereinafter referred to as “TNF Center”) relies on Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology and associates with Beijing Key Laboratory of Clothing Materials R&D and Assessment, School of Material Science and Engineering, Industry Innovation Park of Clothing Fashion Design. Aiming at solving the lack of variety of textile fiber, low value added and low R&D capability in developing high technical textiles, TNF Center boosts series of fundamental research and development, engineering and application of textile nanofiber.

TNF Center has solid knowledge on the fundamental research and industrialized technology. Main research fields focus on preparation technology and engineering of nanofiber by blending sea-island method, continuous fabrication in large scale and application of electrospun nanofiber and preparation technology and engineering of composite nanofiber. TNF Center has obtained series of achievement and patented technologies, such as (i) industrialized technology via blending sea-island method for preparing nanofiber with diameter of 200~500 nm; (ii) industrialized technology for producing functional electrospun nanofibers including waterproof while moisture permeable nanofibrous membranes, high-flex and low-permeation resistance water filtration nanofibrous membranes, high-efficiency and low-resistance air filtration nanofibrous membranes. 4 patents that are related to the composite nanofiber and its functionalization have been granted.

Some research achievement have been awarded by the National Science and Technology Progress (2nd Award), Zhongguancun Top 10 Innovation Achievement, the First Award of Sangma Fund Textile Science and Technology, China Research Cooperation Innovation Achievement Award, the First Award for Science and Technology Progress of China National Textile and Apparel Council.

Currently, there are 34 researchers who focus on the scientific research in TNF Center, including 2 engineering and technical leaders, 10 Professors and 1 principal investigator. Besides, there are 5 persons to carry out the management and administrative work in the center; another 5 excellent consultants from the national and/or international are in charge of the technology introduction and collaborative research.