Wang Rui


Wang Rui, professor at Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, academic leader, part-time professor at Sichuan University and Tianjin Polytechnic University, PhD supervisor. Special Allowance Expert of State Council, National Distinctive Scientific and Technological Worker, Beijing Scientific and Technological Management Talent with Prominent Contribution, Provincial Candidate of New Century Talents Project, One Hundred Leading Talents of Beijing Science, China Textile Academic Leader, High-level talent and top-notch innovative talent of Beijing Municipal College. Beijing Advanced Worker, Beijing Distinctive Teacher, Beijing Educational Innovative Pacemaker. A Standing Director of China Textile Engineering Committee, Macromolecule Academic member of 28th Board of Directors of Chinese Chemical Society (CCS), A Standing Director of Polymer Material and Engineering Affiliate of China Material Research Committee.

Key lectured subject: “ The Study of Fiber Material”, Major research interests: Fibrillation Synthesis and Fiber Manufacture.