The Opening Ceremony of the 16th "Science·Art·Fashion" Festival of BIFT and the Show of Excellent Works of China's Top Ten Fashion Designers (BIFT) Grandly Opened

On the morning of October 17, the 16th "Science· Art· Fashion" Festival of Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology(BIFT) and show of excellent works of China's top ten fashion designers (BIFT) opened in the No .1 Show Room in Building No.7. Jia Ronglin,President of BIFT gave the opening speech.

Leaders of higher authorities who have long given strong support to the development of BIFT and friends of the business community that have given help to BIFT, friends from the news media and distant guests from  Tibet Vocational and Technical College attended the opening ceremony. All the school leaders attended the opening ceremony.

In his speech, Jia Ronglin said :" Science·Art·Fashion "Festival is the most characteristic academic and cultural activity of BIFT. It is an important carrier for BIFT to display its achievements, promote academic exchanges, and build a characteristic campus culture. The theme of this year’s Festival is "Integration·Inheritance and Innovation ", which vividly interprets the mission and responsibility of BIFT in inheriting and innovating excellent traditional culture and serving the people's good life with its unique advantages and distinctive characteristics of running school. I hope you can not only feel the charm of traditional clothing culture, but also appreciate the innovative and entrepreneurial style of college students full of youth and creativity. It is hoped that through the platform of the festival, we can advance the cross-border cultural exchanges and integration of innovation.

Subsequently, Excellent Works of China's Top Ten Clothing Designers (BIFT) Show wonderfully  appeared. All of the performances were produced by teachers of the School of Fashion who won the top ten titles of Chinese fashion designers: Chu Yan, Yang Jie, Zhu Wen, Guo Ruiping, Wang Yuanyuan, Gu Yuanyuan, Liang Yan, Liu Wei, Xiong Yun, Yu Xizi. The works are not only based on Dunhuang clothing culture research and inheritance and innovation works, but also on behalf of the trend of the Chinese clothing design and the highest design level of works, there are also men and women's wear based on minority culture and trend characteristics. These works fully demonstrate the strong discipline  , leading achievements and the first-class teaching level of BIFT.

Chu Yan

Gu Yuanyuan

Liang Yan

Yu Xizi

Zhu Wen

Xiong Yun

Wang Yuanyuan

Liu Wei

Guo Ruiping

Yang Jie

The handover ceremony of Clothing Exhibition of the 70th anniversary celebration from BIFT to Tibet Vocational and Technical College was also held during the opening ceremony.

There are more than 20 wonderful activities during  this year's  Festival, including the 10th Creative Fair of Capital College Students , “PLAY” Alumni Original Brand Show, several art exhibitions , such as Design and Science&Technology Innovation Exhibition , the Third Dunhuang clothing and Culture Forum and so on. 

Media from People's Day, Xinhua News Agency, China Daily, CCTV, and other more than 20 media  interviewed live.