“Science·Art·Fashion” Festival/ the Exhibition of Knowledge Entanglement-Design and Technological Innovation Opens

At 9am on October 17, the Exhibition of Knowledge Entanglement- Design and Technological Innovation  held by School of Fashion Accessory, Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology opened grandly in the No.1 Exhibition Hall, on the first floor of the Art Building of BIFT. Leaders including Zhou Zhijun,Secretary of the Party Committee; Jia Ronglin, President; Ni Saili, Vice-Secretary of the Party Committee; Liao Qing, Vice-President; and Zhan Binghong,Vice-President attended the opening ceremony. 

Vice-President Zhan Binghong delivered a speech in the opening ceremony. He pointed out that the significance of this exhibition lies not only in research but also in teaching. Design is a new cross-discipline; and the research in School of Fashion Accessory is also focused on cross-discipline integration. On the one hand, by exploring the cultivating mode of advanced educational team through research, key teachers and students’ capacity of transforming research findings has been fostered, i.e., how is the technology needed in industries transformed into products through design methodologies. On the other hand, by making the research achievements in projects facilitate teaching, the school is constructing a design teaching system of “combining technology and art”. The school is dedicated in cultivating innovative design talents with global vision, refined design theory system and skills, and the capacity of finding, analyzing and solving problems through design thinking.

It is an age of knowledge entanglement. In the future, four realms representing the creativity of human will collide: science, engineering, design and art. By entanglement and resonance, they will create something new. In the context of inter-discipline and cross-specialty, the teachers and students in School of Fashion Accessory are boldly exploring the ways to integrate scientific reason with artistic sense through design. After the opening ceremony, leaders and guests visited and spoke highly of the exhibition.

As an important part of the 16th “Science·Art·Fashion ”Festival in BIFT, the exhibition is a meaningful achievement of the construction of national first-class discipline, the advanced & sophisticated disciplines in Beijing, and the innovative teams in Beijing. The exhibition consists of 8 parts: “We Have a Dream, To Change A Bit The World”“Thinking Deformation”“E-motion, Come From Any Where”“Infinite Bézier, Unhindered Accessory”,“Extreme Beauty Matter For Children”,“From Nature To Future”,“Graphic Coding”, and “Traditional Handicraft Comes In Handy In The Era Of Black Tech”. Driven by sustainability and focused on the deep combination between technology and art, the exhibition fully showcased the research level and educational achievements of BIFT, in the combination between technology and art. Among them many of the pieces were invited to be presented in major academic events in both China and overseas. The exhibition will last until 30th October.