International Youth Design Competition

As the essential part of “ BIFT · Science ·Art ·Fashion Festival” each year, International Youth Design Competition (IYDC) is organized by Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology and co-organized by Beijing Design Week, China National Garment Association (CNGA) and International Foundation of Fashion Technology Institute (IFFTI). The purpose is to build a platform of presenting and promoting fashion students all over the world whose designs rooted in different traditional culture and creativeness. Such approach is to express their understandings and interpretations among current topics such as, “traditional technology and modernism”“Collisions between cultures and co-existence”“design heritage and suitability”.   

Since 2014, there has been six consecutive IYDC themed on respectively “Future is Now”, “Cultural Revival”, “Culture Impression”,etc, with participants came over 20 countries like, USA, UK, France, Italy, Netherland, Germany, Canada, Australia, Japan, Korea, India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, mainland China, Hong Kong China, China Taiwan, etc. To expend multi-culture communication, IYDC is gradually gaining its momentum and becoming one of the important international competitions to young designers and fashion universities. 

2019 IYDC Theme: Culture · Integration

Cultural integration reflects the idea of co-existing amount differences and integration with sameness. “Culture · Integration” is the ideal status of the co-existence amount different cultures. Young designers, through the process of individual understanding, re-construction and innovation in consideration with international and national costume cultures, create innovative design work based on cultural integration that is applicable for commercial purpose. In this context, the designer's work contains more elements of cross-border cultures, which are not only reflected in the work itself, but also an expression of in-depth design concepts. The selected participants are the representatives of multi-cultural integration in the design field, and their expressions can resonate with the new cutting-edge design in the future.

Winner: Gold Medal: Noelia Escaño (Spain)

Silver Award: KaznaAsker (UK)

Bronze Award: Yan Yishu (Hong Kong China)

Excellence Award: Andile Oliver Nsele (South Africa); Zhang Yu (China); Luka Mooibroek (Netherlands); Gong Hongling (Taiwan China); Zhao Rui(China, BIFT)

2018 IYDC Theme: Culture · Trans Disciplinary

" Culture · Trans Disciplinary " has rich connotations. While reflecting the current multi-angle and multi-level understanding of culture, along with the development of science and technology and global integration, there is a trend of regional and national cultural integration. In this context, the designer's work contains more cross-border cultural elements, which are not only reflected in the manifestation of the work itself, but also an expression of in-depth design concepts. The contestants in this invitational competition are the representatives of this cultural cross-border design field, and their expressions of work can resonate with the cutting-edge design in the future.

Winner: Gold Medal: Jessica Wade (UK)

Silver Award: Rodrigo de Jesús Huaroto Landaveri (Peru)

Bronze Award: Neoronova Alisa (Russia)

In addition, Maria van Steenoven from the Netherlands, Lucrezia Tonin from Italy, Cassandra Casas from the United States, Shanshan Zong from China and Alicia Minnaard from the Netherlands won the Excellence Award

2017 IYDC Theme: Culture · Reconciliation

With the theme of " Culture · Reconciliation ", 2017 IYDC highlights the cultural exchanges and innovations of the "Belt and Road". It is designed by young people from the United Kingdom, Italy, Pakistan, the United States, the Netherlands, Russia, Peru, Belgium, Kazakhstan, India, Bulgaria and other countries and regions. The designers will bring together their distinctive and creative fashion design works in Xiong’an, China. Carrying the artistic pursuits of 31 young designers from 16 countries and different cultural backgrounds, 2017 IYDC will jointly draw a new map of world cultural exchanges and innovations through dialogue, exchanges, exhibitions and competitions.

Winner: Gold Medal: China - Wang Wendan - Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology

Silver Award: China - Cheng Yaxuan - Xi'an Polytechnic University

Bronze Award: UK - Niamh Clarke - Manchester Metropolitan University


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