IFFTI Annual Conference

As the most important international fashion university organizations- The International Foundation of Fashion Technology Institutes (IFFTI) holds annual conference at one highly regarded fashion school in spring. It always results in bilateral agreements and develops communications. During the conference, there are IFFTI committee meeting, council meeting, academic meeting and academic meetings etc. which will invite representatives from industry, university, academic and publication field into various discussions and communications.

BIFT successful held the 18th IFFTI annual conference themed on “Cultural Revival” at April 2016. Over 100 guests and 300 representatives attended the conference and gave very positive feedback afterwards. Series of activities in academic conversations, exhibitions and article competitions were carried out on topics such as, mobilizing and revival traditional culture, re-think modernity and re-design, fashion sector and fashion education in promoting cultural revival, etc.

The success of hosting the 18th IFFTI annual conference at BIFT is an intimate contact and communication between IFFTI and BIFT while contributing to international academy and culture, reflecting the essence of “Cultural Revival”.