BeiJing International Jewelry Art Biennial

The opening ceremony of 2nd Beijing International Jewelry Art Exhibition was  held at BIFTPark,Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology on 16 December 2015. The exhibition is hosted by China Young Chinese Arts International Communion Center, National Gems & Jewelry Technology Administrative Centre, Executive Committee of Beijing Design Week, and Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, organized by School of Art & Design, Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology. Exhibition included dynamic show and exhibition display of more than 1000 exquisite jewelry designs.

The ceremony started with dynamic show in STAGE ONE,BIFTPark of Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology at 10am. At the event, Director Niu Liang of China Young Chinese Arts International Communion Center and former President Li Chunyin of International Council of Societies of Industrial Design made an open speech. The dean of Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology Liu Yuanfeng announced the opening of the Second Beijing International Jewelry Art Exhibition.The on-site band, triangular catwalk, and the big live streaming LED screen contributed to the Opening Ceremony, with clothes sponsored by NEWWWLOOK, a brand created by a BIFT graduate, and Bouthentique, took on a unique scene where arts and fashion were perfectly integrated. The event highlighted the interaction between jewelry and people and showcased the vigorous vitality and artistic value of jewelry arts.

The dynamic show consists of three series: The most attractive of jewelry art lie in that it gives artists a space to express their own pursuits and styles through individual aesthetic tastes and design concepts. They can also deliver more artistic enjoyment and diversified visual and emotional experience to audience by exploring and testing new materials, technologies, and processes. The jewelry works are categorized into three series mainly in light of their design concepts, artistic forms, materials, and expression means. The first series feature exaggerated styling, brilliant colors, and unconventional materials; the second series boast exquisite styling and traditional metal and gems; the third are characterized by bold and alternative styles and both their materials and color generate a sense of power and flamboyance.

The First Beijing International Jewelry Art Biennale themed “Jewelry - Identity” was held at China Century Monument, the main exhibition center of Beijing Design Week in 2013. This year, the second Biennale themed “Jewelry - Boundless” has deliver us richer exhibits. Over 300 artists and designers from more than 50 countries and regions has displayed how they interpret the artistic value of “boundless from diversified perspectives by their jewelry works.

The theme of this year also shows inclusive cultural exchange. The art collision and fusion in Silk roads style promote the diversified trend of jewelry design concept, provide a new artistic interactive space for different ideological trend and creation concept, break through the border of territory and culture, and promote the “No borders” modality of globalized artistic ecology. Under the background of rapid expansion of international cultural industries, the international and interactive exemplary exhibition of jewelry design certainly will have a profound influence on Chinese and even international jewelry design art.

From the beginning of the birth of human, jewelry has presented diversified features along with the requirement of life and culture. It has obvious regional artistic characteristic, that is using local materials and designing in accordance of their aptitude, which presents the extreme expression of aesthetic pursuit. The jewelry is fine made to show its perfection, and it shows the handcraft cultural spirit of “Being harmonious based on differences, showing respect for nature and love for mankind’, which can be seen from craftsmen’s meticulous work in pursuing perfection. Although they shared different cultural backgrounds, they came to a breakthrough in the design of the jewelry ". The exhibition shows the direction of the development of jewelry design: in the same time, the pursuit of artistic creation, the maximum freedom of artistic creation. Jewelry absorbs the beauty of everything in the world. The value of jewelry art lies in the beauty of life. As the ‘first accessory’ in fashion culture, jewelry takes on an increasingly important position. The original definition of jewelry as ‘the head accessory’ has been broke through once and again. The boundary of jewelry art keep expanding. The adoption of new materials and concepts has made the definition of traditional jewelry more obscure. The jewelry once mainly used as a symbol of wealth and social status has carried more aesthetic value of life.The theme “boundless” reflects the rethinking on contemporary art and design. Breaking through traditional stereotyped concepts on jewelry and seeking innovative artistic expressions and design approaches that lead the lifestyles today and tomorrow are the academic pursuits and cultural responsibility of Beijing International Jewelry Art Biennale.