Beijing College Students Creative Market

Autumn is the harvest season in Beijing, and during our annual "Science, Art & Fashion Festival" held in October, the Capital University Students’ Creative Market has been becoming more and more popular. In the past few years, hundreds of college students from dozens of colleges and universities located in Beijing gathered together to show their wonderful innovations, making full use of their wisdom to show us the creative feast.

With the support of Beijing Municipal Education Commission and the Beijing Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League, especially with a meticulous organization and full commitment of BIFT, the Capital University Students’ Creative Market has become a significant event for capital college students to participate in for innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship, which has aroused increasing attention from different fields in society.

As a powerful carrier for cultivating the innovative consciousness, innovative critical thinking and innovative ability of capital college students, this activity, which is a good display of the capital college students’ innovation  and a good practice of carrying out the national innovation-driven development and the innovation strategy of the "Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation", can help promote inter-school cultural exchanges, develop inter-school innovation teams, and enrich the cultural life of the universities. The principles, measures, systems and actual effects of the Capital University Students’ Creative Market are all highly consistent with the spirit of the Central Government and the Beijing Municipal Government in promoting innovation and entrepreneurship.

In all the Capital University Students’ Creative Markets, students from more than 30 universities in Beijing made full use of 150 booths and sold nearly 10,000 items designed and produced by the college students. All the exhibits, falling into graphic arts, technological invention, clothing & accessories, floral decoration, metalworking and sculpture and many other categories, fully demonstrated the innovation ability and creative thinking of the contemporary college students in Beijing. The Creative Market also established "Creative Star Road" exhibition and selected 40 Beijing University Students Creative Stars, whose winning works will be displayed on Capital University Students Creative Innovation Exhibition on China (Beijing) International Cultural & Creative Industry Expo held in Beijing in the same year.

As an important channel to cultivate the innovative consciousness, critical thinking and innovative ability of the capital university students, the Capital University Students' Creative Market has become an important platform to help promote the innovation and entrepreneurship of the college students in Beijing, contributing greatly to the development of the scientific and technological innovation, the cultural and creative industries, and the innovative entrepreneurship of the college students in Beijing.