Human Resources Department

Human Resources Department is the administrative department which assists the school leadership team to formulate the human resources allocation and to construct talent team, to make theoretical and practical study on teacher management, talent introduction and salary management, to set up and manage the staff planning, organs and posts of the school, to formulate the personnel system reform program and implement staff employment, to organize and implement personnel recruitment and the introduction of high-level talents, to implement selection and cultivation for all staff, to provide training of vocational development and professional promotion, to organize and implement teaching staff assessment, reward and punishment, to implement policies of salaries and benefits and social insurance, to develop and maintain the personnel information system, and to provide all kinds of personnel information query and statistical analysis.

Adhering to the objective of service-orientation and professionalism, the Human Resources Department strives to create a first-class human resources management and development department, and is committed to providing a first-class talent team for the school and top-class management and service for the staff. It consists of Divisions of Teaching Resources, Personnel, Labor Insurance, Teacher Development Center and Talent Exchange Center.

The Division of Teacher Resources is mainly responsible for teachers training, post employment and appointment, professional title evaluation, acceptance of graduates, talent introduction, teachers qualification recognition, management of external professors, employment and management of teachers from abroad as well as Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, programs of study abroad, training abroad, teachers’ ethics, building of management team and social practices of young teachers.

The Division of Personnel is mainly responsible for personnel allocation, management for staff living in two places, graduates registration, assessment, reward and punishment, contract management, procedures for private overseas travel, political examination and various types of certificates, vocational skill identification for skilled workers, management of Talent Exchange Center and external staff.

The Division of Labor Insurance is mainly responsible for wages, attendance, insurance, handling procedures of the retirees, personnel file induction and teachers information collection.

The Teacher Development Center is responsible for teachers career development planning, teachers development base training and application of various types of talent projects, performance evaluation and acceptance checks for research projects.

Personnel Exchange Center is mainly responsible for the management and placement of the early retired people, the staff off the position waiting to retire and the staff to be appointed.