State-owned Assets Management Department

The State-owned Assets Management Department, formerly the Facility Department, which was established in 1985 and was adjusted for several times. During the stages of the institute, the Supply Office and the Logistics Department carried out the asset management function. In 2007, the institute formally established the State-owned Assets Management Department. In December 2017, the institute established the Institute-Run Enterprise Management Office, which merge-works with the State-owned Assets Management Department.

The State-owned Assets Management Department is the agency where the institute fulfills the asset management function. It operates under the leadership of the Institute Party Committee and the Institute Administration, and implements the management model of unified leadership, convergent case-management, graded responsibility and individual responsibility. It undertakes the tasks of supply procurement, asset management, asset allocation and supervision of institute-run enterprises. It applies all-round managerial control to all process of all state-owned assets within the institute, providing service assurance for the businesses of the institute.