Ethnic Costume Museum

The Costume Museum at the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology (BIFT), founded with the approval of Beijing Municipal Administration of Cultural Heritage, is the first museum specializing in ethnic costumes in China. The Museum is also a cultural research institute integrating collection, display, research, and teaching.

BIFT Costume Museum covers a floor space of 2,000 square meters, with several major exhibition halls: Han Nationality Costume Hall, Ethnic Minority Costume Hall, Miao Nationality Costume Hall, Metalworking Jewelry Hall, Brocade Embroidery and Wax-printing Hall, Olympic Uniform and Ceremony Costume Hall, Picture Hall, and Hands-on Workshop (for teaching and academic exchange).

As the top specialized costume museum in China, it has a fine collection of over 10,000 pieces of costume, accessories, fabric, wax printing, and embroidery. The collection is displayed in different categories, such as costumes of Miao nationality, metalworking jewelry, folk wax printing, and fabric. The museum also has a collection of nearly 1000 precious photographs taken during the 1920s and 1930s featuring the ethnic costumes of Yi, Zang, and Qiang nationalities.

The museum arranges vigorous events about ethnic costume culture and modern design teaching and research. By focusing on costume culture and design research, as well as costume technique inheritance, the museum explores not only museum research and teaching practice, but new appoarches of integrating costume design and practice. The museum has graduate program on ethnic costume culture, also serves as reaserch and practice base for BIFT Ph.D program.

The Ethnic Costume Museum is free to the public. Playing significant role in inheriting, innovating and expanding Chinese traditional culture, it is officially awarded the title as “Beijing Patriotism Education Base”, “Beijing Science Popularization Education Base”, “Beijing Juvenile Communication Base for External Affairs” etc.

Opening Hours: 8:30—11:30 and 13:30—16:30 of Tue&Thu,

13:30—16:30 of Sat(Closed on holidays and vacations)

Location: NO.2,Yinghua Road,North End of Heping St.,

Chaoyang District,Beijing

Tel: 010-64288067