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BIFTPARK was founded in March, 2012, which is one of the fourth batch of contracted projects of Zhongguancun Science City, jointly governed by the people's Government of Beijing City and BIFT. Adjacent to the beautiful Dadu City Wall Relics Park, BIFTPARK covers an area of 10,000 square meters and is the only fashion design industry park among the 7 cultural industry projects contracted between colleges in Beijing and Zhongguancun Science City. The park will create a world-famous gathering centre for young designers, trying to contribute to the vigorous development of fashion industry in Beijing and even the whole country.  Relying upon BIFT’s core resource, specialty, and its leading position in the fashion industry, BIFTPARK creates the textile and apparel industrial chain ecosystem, with resource-sharing as the core; builds the innovative and entrepreneurial eco-industrial park leading the fashion industry; promotes the development of design and innovation industry; discovers, cultivates and incubates a number of high quality innovative projects. BIFTPARK is identified as city-level university Science Park in Beijing; first batch“Beijing city cultural and creative industries talent training base”; Zhonggancun innovative incubator; overseas returnees business incubator; Beijing city open innovation space; Beijing city medium and small-sized enterprises base; centralized business office area。BIFTPARK won the "2015 fashion power list" annual award for fashion industry innovation platform.

Platform with distinguished features

As the link-up between the fashion industry supply chain and sales side, BIFTPark regards designers as the core users, and helps enterprises realise industrial resource docking, relying upon

BIFT’s high quality resources and external cooperative resources to set up resource database. In the meanwhile, BIFTPARK provides a series of services for enterprises such as online and offline transaction, marketing promotion, and integrated marketing, taking the advantage of the influential power of BIFT and the innovation park,

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There are 135 innovation and entrepreneurship projects, covering each link of the ecological chain in fashion, including fashion design, manufacturing, graphic design, film and television production, fashion promotion, model agency and other fashion related professions, with a wide range of forms.  Every team and enterprise based in the park is part of the fashion industry chain.  All kinds of businesses and commercial transactions have occurred here, which actually create a win-win situation between all parties of the fashion industry chain.

BIFT Innovation Park exerts the cohesion of fashion industry, encourages collaborative innovation between the university and regional industry, and promotesindustrial upgrading and the urban development.  The park has carried out collaboration with Baoding, Hebei Province and other major fashion industrial areas including Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta, which represent abundant supply resources to the park.  Also the park has collaboration with the retail markets in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou regarding the sale of the products.

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