Professor Liu Ruipu's Monograph, Research on the Costume Structure of Miao nationality in China, Obtained the Support of the National Publishing Fund in 2019

  Professor Liu Ruipu and his graduate student Zhan Xinyi, School of Fashion, Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, jointly completed the book Research on the Costume  Structure of Miao Nationality in China , which was recommended by Donghua University Press, obtained the support of the National Publishing Fund, the highest supporting project for monographs published in China in 2019. This is the forth time that Professor Liu Ruipu's monograph acquired the fund. The other three  monographs were  Research on the Costume Structure of the Chinese Nation (Han Nationality Edit, Ethnic Minorities Edit) ,   Research on the Structure of Classical Robes and Heralds in Qing Dynasty  published in China Textile Publishing House and   Research  on Tibetan Costume  published in Donghua University Press in 2013, 2016 and 2017, respectively. 

  Professor Liu Ruipu is one of the leaders of the traditional costume structure research in China. His research team have been devoted to exploring the research of the combination of literature and objects in the study of Chinese costume culture for more than 30 years. The research team he led made full use of the social resources such as museums and private collections, as well as the unique professional advantages and academic platform of Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, they took field investigation as the means, postgraduate cultivating as the focus, and structural textual research as the starting point to explore a large number of first-hand materials. On the basis of Research on the costume  structure of Miao Nationality in China , this time Pro. Liu made the  systematic arrangement and academic research  on the costume structure of Miao nationality in China. The pioneering research and iconic achievements of the costume structure of the single ethnic in China has been recognized by the experts of the National Publishing Fund. BIFT has become the national academic highland on "study of the costume structures of ethnic minorities"  , and has also contributed to the cultivation of senior professionals in  research of costume culture.

collecting the information of the Miao nationality's costume sample