Three Students Admitted to "State-sponsored Postgraduate Program of High Level Universities Construction " by China Scholarship Council

Recently, China Scholarship Council(CSC) published the results of the "State-sponsored Postgraduate Program of High Level Universities Construction" , and three postgraduate students, Guo Liwei, Zhu Dongzhi and Li Xiaolu, from School of Material Design and Engineering were admitted. They will enter  university of Renne 1, France, Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, and The Madrid Institutes for Advanced Studies, Spain, in September to study for their doctorate.

The Program aims at thoroughly implementing the strategy of strengthening the country with talents and promoting the construction of high-level universities, and enhancing its ability to serve the construction of innovative nation. In 2019, the state plans to send 2500 students abroad to study for doctorates. Guo Liwei, Zhu Dongzhi and Li Xiaolu, with their outstanding scientific research ability and excellent comprehensive quality, successfully got funded by CSC.

The program is applied by students in March every year, recommended by secondary schools and graduate school, directed by  Department of International Cooperation and Exchange, and finally the application is submitted to CSC.

For more details about the program, please visit the website

Guo Liwei, graduate student of Grade 2016, whose master tutor is Pro. Zhang Wenjuan. He majors in the design and synthesis of polyolefin catalysts, and published 6 papers during his graduate study, among which 2 papers  were included in SCI as the first author, he also successfully applied one invention patent , and won the first prize of "Xinrui Cup" academic competition.

Zhu Dongzhi is the graduate student of Grade 2016, whose master tutor is Pro. Zhang Wenjuan.  Her major is the preparation and research of biodegradable materials. During her graduate study, 5 papers were published and  among which 2 were published as the first author, of which one was included in SCI as the cover article in Dalton Trans (2019, 48,4157 / 4167), and she was awarded academic scholarship once.

Li Xiaolu, , graduate student of 2016, whose master tutor is pro. Zhang Xiuqin. She majors in the functional research of the biodegradable polylactic acid materials. Six articles were published during her graduate study, among which two papers  were included in SCI as the first author, one paper was included in EI, one national invention patent was applied. She also won "National Scholarship for Graduate Students" and won the first prise in "Xinrui Cup" academic competition and the title of excellent graduates in Beijing.