"You Are Amazing" Series Free-barriers fashion show held in BIFT

In order to celebrate the 29th National Disabled Day, in May 25th, the "You Are Amazing" free-barriers fashion show was held in BIFT No.1 Show Room.lv Shiming,Vice President of  China Disabled Persons’ Federation came and made a speech.

Themed on “warmth·affection”,the free-barriers fashion show invited 34 wheelchair models  to show their beauty through three series: affection between family members,between lovers and between friends, which showed their expectation and yearning for better life. The  wheelchair models came from all lines of work and had different life experiences.

During the Beijing Paralympic Games in 2008, BIFT has begun the research of disabled clothing. In September 2018, under the guidance of China Disabled Persons’ Federation and Beijing Disabled Persons’ Federation, BIFT built the Free-barriers Fashion Research Center.

President Xi Jinping once emphasized that it was an important manifestation of our Party's purpose of serving the people wholeheartedly and an inevitable requirement of our socialist system to let the disabled live and work in peace and contentment, to have no worries about food and clothing.

At present, BIFT Free-barriers Fashion Research Center has built a comprehensive platform of free-barriers fashion technology research, product development and production application. The Research Center also established exchanges and cooperation with international free-barriers fashion related research center and enterprises. In the future, the Center will make great efforts to make the ‘You are Amazing”series activities  as the publishing platform of free-barriers fashion research, the information collection platform of the disabled and the display platform to  show their confidence and beauty.