The Discipline of Design Selected into the List of Advanced Discipline Construction in Beijing Universities

Recently, through the application of colleges and universities and evaluation of expert committee,  Beijing Municipal Education Commission has selected 99 top disciplines in 53 colleges and universities in Beijing, 28 of which are co-construction disciplines. The subject of design in BIFT was selected.

According to the deployment, through two to three cycles of construction, the advanced discipline of Beijing colleges and universities will nudge the adjustment and optimization of the discipline layout structure of Beijing colleges and universities, and promote the further integration and development of disciplines, therefore we can form a number of international or domestic first-class dominant and characteristic disciplines and new frontier inter disciplines to better serve the strategic Orientation of Beijing's "four centers" city and the construction of a world-class, harmonious and livable capital.

In recent years, our school has paid more attention to giving full play to its characteristic advantages, further optimizing the discipline layout, speeding up the adjustment of discipline structure, and steadily promoting the construction of high-level characteristic universities. At present, we have established a good cooperation and communication mechanism with Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University , and we plan to carry out cooperation and exchanges in many  other fields.

In the future, BIFT will further implement the comprehensive reform project, comprehensively enhance the level and comprehensive strength of the subject of design, and thus promote the overall level of discipline construction in the whole university and improve the quality of personnel training and make greater contributions to the construction of the "Four Centers" City in Beijing.


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