Dream Catcher In Wheelchair | "You Are Amazing" wheelchair fashion show is held in BIFT

  On March 22nd, a “You Are Amazing” wheelchair fashion show was presented in No. 1 catwalk in the 7th building of Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology(BIFT).

  Under the guidance of  China Disabled Persons' Federation's Free-barriers Environment Construction Promoting Office, China Disabled Volunteers Association's Volunteer Service Committee and Beijing Disabled Persons' Federation, the event was hosted by  Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, jointly hosted by BIFT Disabled Fashion Research Center and Beijing Disabled Persons' Association. With the theme of "You Are Amazing", the event aims to propose the concept of barrier-free, to promote social integration and sharing, so as to enhance the society's concern for the disabled, and help the disabled to build the concept of beauty and self-confidence. 27 wheelchair models wearing the clothes matched by themselves presented an amazing fashion show for the audience, which convey the self-esteem, self-confidence, self-reliance and self-improvement of disabled people to the society in the new era.

  Zhang Haidi, chairman of China Disabled Persons' Federation, has always being paid attention to and promoted the development of the field of barrier-free fashion. She advocated that “Be a beautiful disabled person!” Lu Shiming, vice chairman of China Disabled Persons' Federation, attended the event. In his speech, he proposed: We must create a comprehensive humanistic barrier-free living circle, and make the society warmer and full of 'infinite love'.”

  In order to meet the nation’s new expectations of disabled people to live a better life and meet the needs of disabled people with diverse and personalized accessibility services, Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology established the Disabled Fashion Research Center in September 2018. Since the establishment, it has given full play to its disciplinary advantages and focused on the research and development, design, presentation and product transformation of disabled clothing, which has filled the gap in the field of barrier-free fashion.