"Science·Art· Fashion "Festival│African Student from School of International Education Holds His Personal Painting Exhibition

On October 18, Ma Wuli (Ghana), an African student studying at School of International Education of Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology(BIFT), held his personal painting exhibition on the first floor of No.7 Building . As one of a series activities of the 14th "Science·Art· Fashion "Festival, the exhibition will last until October 23.

The 50 oil paintings on display includes various painting techniques and forms, combining the elements of traditional African culture with the characteristics of eastern and western paintings. His works are easy and free, rich in color and full of passion. His research and exploration of eastern and western philosophical thoughts are reflected by his unique artistic language, showing a unique style of combination of East and West.

Born in Ghana, Africa, Ma studied Chinese in BIFT in July 2015. Due to his love of Chinese culture and Chinese traditional painting, Ma entered School of International Education of BIFT to study painting in 2017, who was the first African student  studied Chinese painting in BIFT .