2018 Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology + Switzerland summer design camp successfully concluded

During the summer vacation of 2018, BIFT, together with Lucerne University of Applied Science and Arts and Zurich University of Arts, organized the "2018 BIFT Summer Design Camp in Switzerland". The two Arts colleges have developed a rich curriculum for the students.

Lucerne University of Applied Science and Technology summer camp group photo

The summer camp at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts was dedicated to the theme of "2018 Swiss Design & Art Summer School -Exploring Creativity by Printing", carrying out design experiments in traditional and digital printing. The students learned, worked and experienced stone, copper, wood, fabric and digital printing in traditional manual and digital printing studios, discovering and expressing the impression and feelings of the city of Lucerne from a designer’s perspective.

In the first week of the course, the students experienced and learned a variety of traditional manual printing skills. They were taught intensively about copper plate, wood, etched plate, and plywood printing, and produced a large number of hand-printed works.

Lucerne University of Applied Science and Technology summer camp group photo

In the second week, the specific research direction was selected according to the students' own interest, and they were divided into textile group and plane group. The textile students were led by Professor Brigitt Antonia Egloff to learn the textile printing technology, while the plane group was led by Professor Tobias Matter to learn screen-printing technology and the operation of Adobe AfterEffects software, and guided the students to make interactive posters.

The Zurich University of Arts is one of the largest art schools in Switzerland and even in Europe. The summer camp was planned and taught by Professor Rudolf Barmettler, professor of visual communication design at the University, and a master of font design, who runs a professional course on the manual movable type system in one of the world's largest and most comprehensive type printing studios. The course taught the basic principles of western font design, and manual typesetting design, combined with Adobe InDesign poster and invitation designs. Through a large number of design exercises, the students were trained to arrange and design text information, optimize the information level, and convey information more clearly and accurately.

In his course, Professor Rudolf Barmettler systematically introduced the development and evolution of type printing. The students had design training for hand-drawn typographical design, as well as cutting and collaging handwritten text into 20 typographies. The curriculum plan and course objectives were achieved by the students through various attempts, who discussed the research with the teachers after having considered various possibilities, gradually carrying on in-depth design, arranging the type, and printing the poster works on the basis of the predefined layout.

Professor Jonas Niedermann explained to the students the relationship between the typesetting rules of Adobe Indesign and the rules of traditional type printing, and how to use them.

The site of the end of Lucerne course exhibition

The students spoke highly of the summer camp, where they worked together to find fonts, typeset manually, adjust word space, engrave copper and offset plates, brush with ink, print, and finally see their own typographical works, gaining an unparalleled sense of achievement and exclaiming the charm of this traditional craft. After classes, they took walks around the lake, fascinated by the scenery of the Swiss lake, Snow Mountains and ancient city. Participants in the summer camp were undergraduate and postgraduate students from the Department of Visual Communication at School of Arts Design, School of Material Sciences, and International College. The achievement of the summer camp will be reported and exhibited at the "Science, Arts and Fashion" Festival to be held by Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology in October.  Coming soon. 

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