The third Baiyangdian International Fashion Culture Festival will open on 15th September

The third Baiyangdian International Fashion Culture Festival Organizing Committee held a media briefing at the BIFT Fashion Industrial Park in Xiongan New Area on 24th August, 2017. The cultural festival, with the theme of "Happy Life, Fashion Xiong'an ", was directed by the administrative committee of Xiong'an New Area and the China National Textile And Apparel Council, run by Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, China Fashion Designers Association, and Xinhuanet, and hosted by the Rong Cheng County People's Government and the Rong Cheng County Clothing Merchants' Association. It will be held from September 15 to 17 in Xiong'an New Area Citizen Service Center, Rongcheng County Gymnasium, Rongcheng Fashion Industrial Park of Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, Xiong'an No. 1 Fashion Show Room,  etc . The briefing was attended by Bian Jianguo, member and Deputy Inspector of the Publicity Department of the Hebei Provincial Party Committee and Director of the Publicity Center of the Xiong'an New Area, Xu Zhifang, Deputy Director of the Public Service Bureau of the Xiong'an New Area, Wang Zhanyong, County Head of the Rongcheng County Government, the Publicity Department of the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology and the China Fashion Designers Association, and representatives of the media and enterprises stationed in the county as well as responsible persons of the relevant departments in Rongcheng County.

Previously, the first and second Baiyangdian International Fashion Culture Festivals were successfully held in 2015 and 2017, respectively, they have gradually gathered high-quality resources from the industry and activated the industrial innovation ability. It also enriched the spiritual and cultural life of the local people and initially established the influence of brand cultural activities.

The third Baiyangdian International Costume Culture Festival is the first large-scale cultural event held at the Xiongan New Area, since the introduction of "Hebei Xiong'an New area Planning outline" and after the global promotion themed "China in the New era: Xiong'an, a City of the Future for Human Development," launched by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China. It will play a positive role in demonstrating the regional characteristics of Xiong'an culture, promoting industrial transformation and innovation, reflecting the quality of Xiong'an, and creating the image of Xiong'an fashion. This Culture Festival will take “leading by design” as the main theme throughout the whole process, and take cultural integration, inheritance and innovation as the foundation. With the goal of promoting the transformation and upgrading of the clothing industry, the festival fully converges global fashion resources, makes great efforts to illustrate the bright future of Xiongan, and actively promotes a high-grade lifestyle so as to meet the new hope and expectations of the people in the New Area for happy life.

This cultural festival is composed of 16 activities from five major sections, including "discussion, exhibition, show, themed events, and series of activities," and is rich in content and full of highlights. It embodies the six characteristics, including leading by design, cultural heritage, industrial focus, resource convergence, industrial transformation, and interpretation of happy life.

Leading by design

This cultural festival will stand in the new historical starting point and the industrial turning point, take the high-end design as the lead, and define   Xiong'an fashion by high standards. The opening ceremony and Jinding Show will invite the representatives of winners of the highest honor of Chinese fashion design, "Jinding Award", to jointly launch a show, which will open the spiritual curtain of the culture festival with a top level of innovation, and lay the foundation for shaping the Xiong'an fashion highland. The unveiling of Xiong'an Modern Fashion Customisation Centre and Fashion Original Design Centre will bring a new possibility for Xiong'an’s fashion image. It will contribute significantly towards areas such as highlighting “leading by design”, helping traditional industries innovate, and promote added values.

Cultural inheritance

Carrying forward the Chinese style, protecting the cultural roots, inheriting the beauty of non-heritage culture, highlighting the era as well as the national and regional characteristics, are the due meaning of the culture festival. The “Splendid China, Fashion Xiong'an” grand ceremony and awards evening will select the examples of application of the non-heritage culture in the textile clothing to show the good vision of revitalising the traditional craftsmanship and forging craftsman's spirit. The Xiong'an Forum for the Revitalisation of Traditional Craftsmanship will hold dialogues on the protection and inheritance of non-heritage culture. In particular, it fuses the New Area’s imitative of "remembering nostalgia", excavating the non-legacy memory, and advocating and carrying forward the quality of craftsmanship in the New Area through the organic interweaving of inheritance and innovation. Xiong'an New Area Primary and Middle School Student Clothing (School uniform) Design Invitational Competition will fully display the theme of "Elegant Xiong'an, Informing the World", and rely on the unique carrier of school uniform as moving scenery, implanting the Xiong'an gene into the growth of each of the young students, accumulating Xiong'an quality, and cultivating the connotation and value of the New Area. Industrial Focus  This culture festival focuses on industrial convergence of fashion and technology as well as fusion and innovation. Rooted in green environmental protection, it highlights the trend of scientific and technological intelligence, and leads a beautiful and good way of life in the future. The aim of the fashion science and technology exhibition is to endow science and technology with a touch of fashion, and to highlight the new achievements and trends of science and technology innovation in the industry, covering new technologies in the entire industrial chain, such as functional materials, innovative design, intelligent manufacturing, and interconnected marketing, etc ., creating a global fashion and technology carnival. Guided by the core idea of Hebei Xiong'an New Area Planning Outline, Xiong'an Fashion Summit will invite industrial elites to gather in Xiong'an, jointly exploring new opportunities for the transformation of traditional industries in the context of the new era, and injecting new thinking into the construction of Xiong'an fashion.  The annual industrial cluster meeting of the China National Textile And Apparel Council, which has been held for 16 consecutive years, will be hosted for the first time in Xiong'an this year.  It takes "high-quality development to promote the transformation and upgrading of industrial clusters" as the theme, and invites industry leaders and representatives of local clusters to discuss the integration and upgrading of the whole industrial chain resources, and pursue of the best value.

Resource convergence

The Cultural Festival provides a platform to integrate the mainstream Chinese and foreign fashion resources, achieve the multi-level and multi-dimensional convergence and integration of the whole industry chain, and explore the construction of New Area fashion sector, industry, and commercial organic ecological chain. Rooted in the cultural self-confidence, "Fashion Xiong'an" grand ceremony continues to create the "fashion Xiong'an" authoritative list. The awards include Tiangong, Lotus and Juejin Awards, which will be given to the outstanding talents in the field of fashion design, communication and marketing, promoting the new avant-garde fashion force and gathering high-quality innovative resources. The Modern Fashion Customization International Forum and fashion customisation theme show will invite high-end fashion and customization industry representatives from China and foreign countries, who are to actively cultivate the creative potential with high added value, and to provide a new vision for the development of New Area customization industry, based on the profound tradition of the local industry. The top 10 finalists of the Xiong'an New Area Primary and Middle School Student Clothing (School uniform) Design Invitational Competition are Chinese and foreign enterprises, who are among the best in the uniform industry and will gather in Xiong'an for the first time. More than 200 selected works will create many opportunities for the construction of characteristic shape and structure as well as the standardized industrial system of school uniform by actively incorporating the core concept of development such as the “New Area” green, intelligence and innovation into the design.

Industrial transformation           

The culture festival focuses on leading to enhance the development potential of local enterprises' branding, vigorously cultivating and promoting enterprises' own brands and regional shared brands, and taking advantage of the opportunities to boost the confidence and determination of traditional industries’ 'transformation and innovation. Relying on the mature experience of participating in the "Fashion Shenzhen Exhibition", the fashion brand exhibition combines local famous brands and original brands, invites the representatives of the industry to visit and dock, promotes the industrial characteristics in an all-round way, and actively cultivates the end-user market. The joint show of Xiong'an New Area Fashion Brands utilizes "originality + quality" to focus on displaying the advantages of the local clothing industry cluster in Xiong'an New Area, The expression of the comprehensive exchange platform for industrial transformation and innovation, and to promote sustainable design innovation and marketing strategy. The theme show of fashion sports is joined by original designers and local leading enterprises to infuse the concept of fashion and healthy sports, and inject new vitality into the current consumption upgrade and improve people's quality of life.

Interpretation of happy life. The culture festival advocates a high-grade lifestyle, actively creates a dynamic and innovative atmosphere, encourages the participation of all the people, the city-wide linkage, sharing a happy life, and interpretation of the future direction.

The School Uniform Model Selection Contest of Xiong'an New Area is mainly to promote the dream of the youth and the city of Xiong'an, to fully demonstrate the spirit and features of the young people in the New Area, to create an interactive platform for students to demonstrate themselves, and enhance their self-identity and sense of belonging. The first Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei College Students Creative Fair invites dozens of colleges and universities in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei to actively integrate into the innovative stage of Xiong'an in order to convey creative ideas and actively show the innovative spirit and youthful demeanor of college students in these areas. The second Xiong'an Marathon has more than 6000 enthusiastic participants from all parts of the country and the New Area.

In the process of encouraging fitness activities for everyone, the concept of "fashion, health, environmental protection, public welfare" has been embedded in the event to map the future of Xiong'an with the best line of prosperity.

The first "Light, Shadow and Future" Film Week will focus on the future-oriented spiritual direction of film communication. With film exhibition, New Area style collection, short film competition and other activities as the carriers, the Film Week combines with the development orientation of Xiong'an New Area, carrying forward the forward-looking (future-oriented) spiritual characteristics. In the process of building the new district, the people of Xiong'an should take the vision of "the city of the future" to tackle the difficult problems and enrich the spiritual and cultural life of the masses.

The preparatory work for this cultural festival was carried out under the direct leadership and strong support of the Party Work Committee and the Management Committee of the Xiong'an New Area. The key leaders of the New Area attached great importance to this activity and clearly proposed that the culture festival should be raised to a higher level by setting the high standard to pursue the successful running of the event and building-up of brands. Meanwhile, support and guidance were received from Prince Gong’s Mansion Museum, the Beijing Film Academy and other organizations over the process of preparation, further integrating the top-end resources of all sectors of the industry. Compared with last year, the categories and contents of this year’s festival activities are more diversified, ensuring a fine blueprint for the development of Xiong'an culture in terms of height, breadth and depth. It is worth mentioning that in terms of media and formats, the festival will adopt all-directional, three-dimensional, multi-angle full-media communication lineup, multi-platform live broadcast, comprehensive use of VR panorama, interactive live broadcast and other high-tech means, more vividly telling the cultural story of the Xiong'an New Area .