The initial review of 2018 International Youth Design Competition Ends

Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology (BIFT) will host “Culture · Trans Disciplinary – 2018 International Youth Design Competition (IYDC)” at Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology at 10am on 20th October 2018. The IYDC is an essential part of “2018 BIFT · Science ·Art ·Fashion Festival” opening ceremony.

In the 2018 IYDC, we received 130 applications from 19 countries and regions. The total of 175 pieces in 33 collections made to the final round after the jury session of IYDC committee.

As a well-known platform for international fashion institutes as well as individual pioneer designers presenting and promoting design works, International Youth Design Competition (IYDC) is hosted by Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, sponsored by Beijing Design Week, China National Garment Association(CNGA) and IFFTI (International Foundation of Fashion Technology Institutes). It has been already continuously held annually since 2014.

IYDC aims to integrate domestic and foreign academic strengths, industry institutions and fashion promoters. It continues to discuss and explore the academic and industrialization of design from the international perspective.

The prize setup of 2018 IYDC:

The winner-1 person: RMB 50,000 (Pre-tax), Trophy and Certificate.

The second runner – 1 person: RMB 30,000 (Pre-tax), Trophy and Certificate.

The third runner – 1 person: RMB 20,000 (Pre-tax), Trophy and Certificate.

Outstanding runner – 5 people: RMB 6,000 (Pre-tax), Trophy and Certificate.

All final round participants will have a Finalist certificate.

List of qualifiers of 2018 IYDC


Partial finalists of 2018 IYDC

Look forward to the wonderful performance of the players during the final!

2018 IYDC Organization


Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology


School of Fashion-Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology

Sponsors Organizations:

Beijing Design Week

China National Garment Association(CNGA)

International Foundation of Fashion Technology Institute(IFFTI)