Ms Wu Xiaoli Appointed as Dean of School of Fashion Communication

The appointment of the Dean of School of Fashion Communication, Ms Wu Xiaoli, was celebrated on the morning of August 21st at the Lecture Hall of Arts Building. Ms Wu Xiaoli, Deputy Director and TV hostess of Phoenix Info News, has joined BIFT and taken up the position of Dean of School of Fashion Communication. University leaders, relevant functional department heads and almost 200 students and faculties from School of Fashion Communication attended the appointment ceremony. The ceremony was chaired by Professor Liao Qing, Vice President of BIFT.  Professor Ma Shengjie, Party Secretary of BIFT, presented the Letter of Appointment to Ms Wu Xiaoli.

After announcing the appointment, Professor Ma Shengjie delivered a speech. In the speech, he stated that having the prominent media figure in BIFT could inject new energy into teaching, subject construction, academic development, and talent cultivation, which is an important step for BIFT to keep itself up at the forefront of higher education and build a “double first-class” university. Fashion communication takes openness, transboundary, forward-looking and advance with the times as its characteristics, which was an important force for the collaborative innovation and integrated development between fashion industry and culture creative industry. BIFT will further advance through fashion, culture, art science and technology, industry and business, focusing on building students’ knowledge background, broad vision and specialized skills. It will lay a solid foundation for cultivating creative and responsible fashion promoters, media figures, advertisers, artists and culture observers.


In her speech, Dean Wu Xiaoli stated that as a media figure, what she communicates are news, information, views, foresight and people’s interaction and emotion. We now live in a world in which communication is everywhere and everyone is communicator. Communication is life. She described fashion as a kind of aesthetic attitude, which reveals one’s emotion and reflects people’s emotional aesthetics --- life is fashion. Dean Wu Xiaoli said, “This is a new era for fashion communication. Long-term media work makes me a social observer and practitioner, and pushes me to move forward on the road of promoting social progress. Today, I take on educational responsibility and academic strength. In the future, I will combine the advantages of my career with the university’s characteristics to grow up together with students in BIFT along the way of innovation of fashion communication. I will use fashion aesthetics to link ancient and modern times, as well as home and abroad cultures. I also hope that students in BIFT will find your ideal directions for development under the cultivation of university and teachers, become fashion conscious, and live up to the beauty of life.”

Ms Wu Xiaoli was elected one of “the 50 people you should know in today’s China” by “Asian Week” (English), and voted as one of “the 20 most influential women of the century” by the “Globe”, a magazine published by Xinhua News Agency. She once hosted TV programmes such as “Sally’s eye on work”, “Walking with Excellence”, “Doers on the Move”, “Driving a New Era”. Now she hosts programs including “The Asian Journal” and “Mainland Q &A”. In the meanwhile, she takes up positions such as “Environment Ambassador” of Ministry of Environment, “Volunteer Ambassador” of Central Committee of the Youth League”, “Charity Ambassador” of China Charity Federation, and member of All-China Youth Federation. She also takes on many other social roles and charity works. 

School of Fashion Communication was established in 2017 after consolidating relevant specialities from School of Fashion Design, Business School and School of Arts and Design. It is the first school within a Chinese university to be named as “fashion communication”. The School adheres to the principal of “being the pioneer of global fashion communication education”. The School of Fashion Communication consists of four subject areas including communication, advertising, photography, and performance ( i.e . fashion show, advertising communication and fashion director). The School bases on the traditional Chinese culture and thoughts in creation, and takes modern arts, design, information and science and technology as its carrier. It relies on fashion and culture creative industry, and combines the expertise of related speciality areas including fashion design, fashion business and fashion management. Focusing on fashion industry, fashion culture and fashion receiver, the School of Fashion Communication carries out research on communication subject, communication media and communication patterns. The School aims to establish a fashion system that fuses ancient and modern times, as well as Chinese and Western cultures; effectively communicate contemporary fashion concept and aesthetic ideal; enriches the connotation of fashion creative research and cultivates well-rounded talents for the fashion industry.