The Second Baiyangdian (Xiongan-Rongcheng) International Fashion Culture Festival Holds Press Conference

The Organisational Committee of the Second Baiyangdian (Xiongan-Rongcheng) International Fashion Culture Festival held a press conference at BIFT Park in Xiongan New Area on 22nd August, 2017. Professor Ma Shengjie, Party Secretary of BIFT, Ms Zhou Hongjun, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Xinhua Net, Mr Wang Zhanyong, Head of Rongcheng County People’s Government, and Mr Ge Chunhui, Project Manager of the Xiongan New Area Working Group of China Resources (Holdings) Co., Ltd., answered questions from the media.


In responding to the questions, Professor Ma Shengjie said: “BIFT has already played an active role in the construction of Xiongan New Area. As a leading fashion institution in China, BIFT is a place for international fashion elites to work together, and its basic function is to cultivate innovative talents. This event is an opportunity for us to contribute towards the construction of Xiongan New Area. If possible, we would like to establish a practice base and fashion education centre to cultivate innovative fashion talents and attract global fashion elites to gather here exchanging ideas. As such, the practice base and fashion education centre will become an incubator for creative concepts, ideas and innovative products of fashion.  ‘Where there is innovation, there is fashion’. Fashion and innovation are closely related. We hope that through teaching, learning and talent gathering, BIFT can play an active role in the construction of Xiongan. Xiongan New Area, especially Rongcheng County, is a traditional garment industry base in China. It is the biggest textile city in Northern China and has established the textile industry cluster. The establishment of Xiongan New Area will offer a significant transformation and upgrading opportunity for the cluster. Since 2015, BIFT has worked closely with Rongcheng County. We have successfully held the first fashion culture festival, and built up “BIFT Baiyangdian Fashion Creation Centre”, “BIFT Rongcheng Fashion Park” and “BIFT School of Arts and Engineering Practice Base”.  All these initiatives have promoted transforming and upgrading of garment industry in Ronghceng County. In the future, BIFT will cooperate with Xionngan New Area in terms of talent cultivation and technological research and development. We will consolidate all kinds of technological resources and bring our advantages into full play to provide services for Xiongan textile industry. In the meanwhile, we will work towards building the culture and atmosphere of fashion.” The second Baiyangdian (Xiongan Rogcheng) International Fashion Culture Festival will theme on “Ancient city Xiongan, New era of Fashion”. The festival will be hosted by BIFT, Xinghua Net, and the governments of Xiongan New Area and Rongcheng County, co-hosted by China Resource (Holdings) Co., Ltd., and undertaken by BIFT Innovation Park and BIFT Rongcheng Fashion Industry Park. It will be held in Rongcheng Stadium and BIFT Rongcheng Fashion Indusry Park. 




The establishment of Xiongan New Area provides a significant opportunity for the innovative development of Rongcheng clothing industry. The second festival is a special effort made to carry out Party Central Committee and State Council’s instructions for setting up Xionggan New Area. It is also an important initiative for developing Xiongan area and improving local residents’ well-being. The second Baiyangdian (Xiongan Rongcheng) International Fashion Culture Festival focuses on the function of the New Area. It advocates “innovation, vigour, and fashion” and aims at “speeding up transformation, greening development, and transcendental Improvement”, highlighting the connotations of “innovation, openness, high-endness, vigour and broadness“.