The Ceromony of the Launch of the Chinese Costume Culture Research Project

In the afternoon of June 7th, the ceremony of the launch of the Chinese Costume Culture Research Project was held in the garden of Prince Gong Mansion. This project was hosted by Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology and Institute of Archaeology, Institute of World History Studies, Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology, which are all part of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and organised by Prince Gong Mansion, a part of the Ministry of Culture. Many leaders were present, including Sun Ji, the researcher of the National Museum, the librarian of the Central Literary His Shengjie, the Secretary of the party committee of BIFT and Liu Yuanfeng, the president of BIFT. Some middle-rank cadres and teachers related alsotory and a member of the leading group which organise and publish Chinese ancient books; Ma Yuan, the director of the research bureau of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences;Bu Xianqun, the director of the Institute of World History Studies;Chen Xingcan, the director of the Institute of Archaeology;Sun Huaibin, the vice president of China Textile Industry Association; Sun Xuguang, the director of Prince Gong Mansion,;Ma attended the ceremony. The ceremony was conducted by president Liu Yuanfeng.

First, the Secretary of the Party Committee Ma Shengjie made the  introduction speech on the vision  of Chinese Costume Culture Research Project. He said that the project would be under the guidance of the socialist theory with Chinese characteristics, carrying out the viewpoint of the president Xi “Do not forget our tradition,  absorb foreign advanced technology and face the future” which would give full play to the advantages of our college subject specialty, gather all the national related academic strengths and explore the theoretical system of establishing Chinese costume culture. Based on the culture convey and innovation, we could make full use of the  academic achievements, at the same time, study the contemporary discoveries in archaeology and academic research material, therefore we could understand how costume culture have developed and interacted among different nations. We should reinforce the innovation and industrialization of traditional costume, serve the national culture development and international communication.

Director Bu Xianqun said that it was BIFT, the host of the project conformed to the policy of the Party Central Committee, and it actively promoted the Chinese costume research. The director of Prince Gongansion Sun Xuguang addressed that they were a part of Ministry of Culture, it was incumbent for them to undertake the research of Chinese traditional costume . Talking about the differences of the costume culture between China and the west, director Sun Ji said Chinese costume culture research construction is key to establish Chinese culture confidence.

The core content centers on inheriting traditional costume culture and cultivating innovations in colleges, implementing  the current application of the costume culture and industrialization, protecting and promoting the costume culture as intangible culture heritage and constructing the teaching system. The key point is  by organizating the academic resources and classifying  history, nation and territory of the Chinese-costume-related images, literature and material objects, we can formulate  the database of the costume resources. Finally the visualization and objectification of academic achievements of the costume project will be exhibited in the form of academic exchange, documents​, products and pictures, therefore we can spread traditional Chinese costume culture and develop the international culture exchange and communication.

The implementing of the Chinese costume culture research project can not only fill the gap of the costume culture research, make breakthrough of academic innovation, it can also lay a solid theoretical foundation for the development of Chinese contemporary culture, provide a culture base for the costume design and manufacturing for some important events in politics, economy, culture,    military and international communications, develop the cultural creativity industry and promote culture prosperity.

After the ceremony of the launch, the participants enjoyed the show named “Duxi-a gentle breeze”, which is a costume brand with strong Chinese cultural complex performed by teachers of BIFT.